EIGHT SIGNS YOUR VAGINA IS NOT HEALTHY.
                   The body is made up off several orfice which, the vagina is one of those orfices.
The vagina  is the passage leading from the opening of the vulva to the cervix of the uterus for copulation and child birth. Due to the dampish nature of the vagina, a lot of chemical and bacterial activities take place in the vagina. The nature of this activities that take place in the vagina can as well affect the overall vagina health of an individual. When there is a compromise in your vagina health, your sex life , relationship and self confidence could diminish. This article helps to identify various common vagina health issues and how to get your vagina healthy.


 Common causes of vagina problems
§  Unprotected sex
§  Birth control pills
§  Diabetes
§  Obesity
§  Hiv infection
§  Wearing non-cotton underwear
§  vaginitis
§  consuming too much sugar
§  increased heat, moisture and hormonal shift during pregnancy.

                                                               THE VAGINA

(1) Unprotected sex:
From questionnaires carried out about 95% of women enjoy sex without protection, the other 5% would either use protection or indulge in raw sex. Several transmitted infections can be contacted from unprotected sex.  Forceful sex which leads to injury can serve as a point for bacterials to penetrate and breed.

(2) Douching:
                Douching involves using water and vinegar to wash the vagina. Douching reduces the vagina acidity level which in turn have an effect the vagina’s pH level. Ii also changes the balance of bacterial in the vagina, thereby making he vagina environment favorable for bacterial infection.

(3) Antibiotics:
Antibiotics are known to fight off harmful unwanted bacteria’s , but  at times they could act on the beneficiary bacterial in the vagina, thereby reducing its micro floral. When the beneficial bacterials to keep infections at bay has been depleted, it can lead to a yeast infection.

(4) Vaginitis
                An upset in the microbial balance of the vagina can lead to vaginitis. Vaginitis is very common among women, over 75% of sexually active women are known to experience this health challenge. Inflammation, itching, foul vagina odor are common symptoms of vaginitis.

(5) Wearing non cotton underwear.
                Cotton is known to provide softness, breathability and absorbency, it softness is gentle on your skin, breathability facilitates evaporation of moisture. Synthetic  underwear is the direct opposite of this.
                                SIGN AND SYMPTOMS OF AN UNHEALTHY VAGINA

(1) Irregular bleeding
                Bleeding when you aren’t  experiencing your monthly menses is a sign of an hormonal imbalance caused by birth pills. It can also be a sign of cervical cancer when bleeding is experienced after sex.

(2) Painful blisters around the vagina
              When there are painful blisters around the labia majora, clitoris or labia minora, it is sign of infections such as vagina herpes or warts.

(3) A fishy/offensive smell
                A healthy vagina is known to have amusky fragrance, but when the smell is ubhealthy, that is a sign something is wrong down there. Bacterial viaginosis is the major causative bacterial for a fish odour of the vagina. Luckily bacterial viaginosis is easily treatable over the counter.Trichomonasis is known to cause greenish discharge from the vagina can also cause a strong pungent vagina odour.

(4) Vagina itching and discharge
                Do you experience momentary intching around the vagina? Or you experience a discharge that look like cottage yeast during sex, This are signs of ayeast infection. Usually caused by an overgrowth of yeast and can be caused by wearing non-coton or synthetic underwear, douching, or excessive sugar in your diet. Recurring yeast yeast infection means you need to wear breathable underwear(i.e underwear made of cotton, and a change of your diet. Drinking enough water, taking yogurt and cranberry juices are natural ways to treat yeast infections.

The vagina is a very sensitive part of the female body. once their is any strange feeling in it better see your physician. If you feel an important information was omitted in this article, feel free to add yours.


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