What is cancer, prevention and cure. Is cancer contagious. How does cancer develop?

 What is cancer, prevention, and cure; Is cancer contagious? All your questions are answered in this article.

              Queen Rhoda used to be a beautiful lady and once blessed with good health and to cap it all a well-built body. Well known for her intelligence and her ability to bring ideas capable of generating millions of dollars for her firm. Though she never bothered going for medical checkups, unaware to her something was consuming her gradually. After developing series of body pain she finally went for a checkup. The specialist who reviewed her health condition diagnosed her with Pancreatic cancer. The deadliest form of cancer that comes with excruciating pains. That was the last Rhoda had ever thought of.

What is cancer? Cancer is a disease that affects the cell of the body, causing the cells to grow uncontrollably thereby spreading to another part of the body causing permanent body paralysis and in almost all cases leading to death. The final years of victims with cancer are always painful and devastating.

The human body is made up of billions or trillions of cells located in any part of the human body, therefore which literally means that cancer can start from any part of the human body where these cells are found.

The major causes of cancer are:

1) Excessive smoking and consumption of tobacco and products of tobacco.

2) Type of diet consumed.

3) Infection and viruses

4) Sun and other types of radiation.

                             HOW DOES CANCER DEVELOP?

Cancer is well known as a genetic disease; it can alter and control the functions of the human body cells. Medical experts believe cancer cells control the way the human cell grow and divide. Once cancer cells are present in the body they begin to damage the cells responsible for cell division. When cancer cells are damaged they begin to replicate the normal body cells and also growing rapidly. As these processes of cell replication are happening they are gradually spreading to other parts of the body.

                               TYPES OF CANCER

Cancer is classified based on the organ or tissue from which it is formed. According to the American cancer society, there are more than 100 types. Cancer can be categorized into the following major types:

  •  Sarcoma
  •  Carcinoma
  •  Lymphoma
  •  Melanoma
  •  Multiple Myeloma
  •  Leukemia

                                         EARLY SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF CANCER

Cancer symptoms could vary based on the organ or tissue where cancer originates from. if you notice any of the following symptoms which don't get better after a few days or weeks then, it is advisable you have to see the doctor immediately.

The major signs and symptoms which suggest you are having cancer are as follows:

(a) Color changes in the breast and its size.

(b) Bladder changes; these can be noticed when you feel pain while urinating, blood on your stool, and trouble while urinating.

(c) incessant cough that does not go away.

(d) Changes in shape and form of the mouth.  You may notice white or red color patches in the mouth, which is followed by intense bleeding numbness, and pain in the mouth.

(e) Neurological problems: Neurological problems can be defined as any change that leads to the malfunctioning of the brain, spine, or nerves. Some neurological problems that are peculiar with cancer are as follows;

(i) Change in your vision

(ii) Seizures

(iii) Face dropping

(iv) Hearing deficiencies

(v) Severe headache

(f) Skin changes: The skin changes that are peculiar to the signs and symptoms of cancer are as follows:

(i) Present of sores on the skin that doesn't heal

(ii)A lump on the flesh that bleeds or turns scaly.

(iii) The skin suddenly becomes yellow while the eyes become so whitish. This is also known as jaundice.

(g) Lumps and swelling on the body. Lumps can locate any part of the body such as in the neck, underarm, stomach, breast, and groin.


Various forms of cancer treatment are available for the treatment of cancer. The type of treatment doctors or cancer specialists would administer to a cancer patient majorly depends on the type of cancer and the stage of cancer. 

The various types of cancer treatment available for the treatment of cancer are:

  •  Chemotherapy
  •  Radiation therapy
  •  Immunotherapy
  •  Targeted therapy.

                        TIPS TO PREVENT CANCER FROM DEVELOPING IN ME (How do I prevent the development of cancer.)

(1) Always prevent your skin from sunlight.

(2) Eat a healthy diet.

(3) Avoid consuming tobacco and its products.

(4) Know your family medical history and ensure you conduct regular medical screening.

(5) Practice safe sex and try as possible to avoid skin-to-skin sex.

(6) Keep up with a healthy body weight and be physically active.

                                                 HOW TO CHECK FOR CANCER AT HOME

In the house, there isn't a test that can be used to diagnose cancer with absolute confidence. A self-check is a useful tool for spotting early signs of body alterations or irregularities, though. When performing a self-check, anyone who detects anything unusual should consult a doctor immediately. However, you are encouraged always to check the following parts of the body regularly:

The throat- Check the neck for lumps

The breast 

The armpit

The skin: Check for skin color irregularity

The scrotal balls

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